Debi Mortenson's Gallery News


What are those guys doing?


As is always the case with an old building, there is the constant need to replace something at all times, and this year's triage demanded that my back porch, which I put a foot through this winter, move to the head of the list. With 2 porches salvaged from a friend doing renovations, my clever friend Forrest Nevells once more came to the rescue!

Taking a few pieces of lumber, a nail gun, and Charlie's tow truck, (well, OK, even though this is Stonington, also a building permit) Forrest said 'abracadabra', and Voila! I now have a porch that is the envy of the neighborhood!


More News from Kelly, Summer 2007

Now that Kelly has made it through her first winter with the Gallery, she has decided it is time to add some additional treasures to her items for sale, which now also includes an exciting section devoted to American Art Pottery. This array of items will include pottery from makers such as Rookwood, McCoy (even early Brush), Roseville, Fulper, and Cowan, to name some, and will also include early independent artist-signed pieces, beginning, like the American Art Pottery movement, in the late 19th century. Come in and see what she has for us - she will keep the Estate Annex changing, so plan to stop in whenever you're in town.

Kelly's Estate Annex joins the D Mortenson Gallery, September 2006

For the last 30 years Kelly has scouted out unique art objects from various private collections and estates. She has now agreed to sell some of these items through the D Mortenson Gallery. These treasures include makers such as Lalique, Orient & Flume, Bjorn Wiinblad and Don Drumm. We'll also see Mexican silver, antique Chinese silver, jade and ivory objects, a large Annette Himstedt doll, original works by James Hope, Newbold Hough Trotter, Alexander Helwig Wyant, Judith Brown, and Jose Luis Cuevas, with a few choice collectible books, and lots of surprises. We think Debi's collectors will really enjoy the addition of these rare items, while they continue to enjoy Debi's original artwork.

Watch our gallery news for updates on our project!


The D Mortenson Gallery appears in the Boston Globe

C. 2005 Fred J.Field/Boston Globe

We began 2006 auspiciously - celebrating New Year's Day with our gallery (and our art, of course) appearing in an article about Stonington in the Boston Globe 's Sunday Edition (thank you to the author, Globe correspondent Nancy English), complete with a gallery/artist photo taken during a (fun) shoot by Maine freelance photographer Fred J. Field , who has graciously given me his permission to include on this site one of his photos (above) from the shoot (thanks, Fred - I enjoyed the process as much as the result).


Video Journal Coming!

The Winter of 2006 also brought with it a new medium for the artist (that would be me!) - I have begun climbing the steep learning curve of video. It is my hope in the future to share with my friends some of my process (both artistic and thought) on this site. Stay tuned . . .


The Winter Workshop Construction Project

Those of you who have been watching the developments of my historic 1910 Mansard building will be as impressed as I was by the transformation of my block/dirt floor second basement into a workshop space by my talented friend Forrest Nevells. While he would say he helped me, it was clearly a case of me occasionally holding the hammer, while he designed and executed the space. Having this shop will enable me to proceed with all the many projects that I have envisioned since my arrival in Stonington, but have not had the space/tools to complete. Of course, all I need now is the time . . .


Ruku's New Home

In April, 2005, Ruku, my Moluccan Cockatoo friend, relocated, to be closer to his friends Suzen Carter and Peaches (left), and their extended family. He now works summers at Suzen's seafood restaurant/takeout, aptly named 'The Cockatoo', where he dines regularly on - what else? - her delicious seafood, and all the pinenuts he can eat!